Chris Holland Cup 3rd Round

The Chris Holland Cup 3rd Round matches are due to be played ON or BEFORE the 6th February 2020.

All matches are best of three frames.

Matches start at 8pm, and are to be played in the Home players club.


1 Chris Christodolou (Parkgate RBL) Vs Tony Stone (Romsey Cons)
2 Nick Higgins (Romsey Cons) Vs Ian Bainbridge (Nursling Soc)
3 Andy Lemon (Nursling Soc) Vs Mark Seymour (Romsey Cons)
4 Richard Fox (Nursling Soc) Vs James Comport (Mottisfont)
5 Kevin Hawkins (Eastleigh Wm) Vs Jason Plant (Romsey Cons)
6 Ade Hudson (Nursling Soc) Vs Adam Humphries (Romsey Cons)
7 Simon Masters (Atherley Bowl) Vs Mike Smith (Nursling Soc)
8 Richard Eldridge (Atherley Bowl) Vs Jason Franklin (Atherley Bowl)


Results not recorded within 4 days will mean disqualification.

Please record any high breaks.