F Mintrum Cup 3rd Round

The F Mintrum Cup 3rd Round matches are due to be played ON or BEFORE the 6th February 2020.

All matches are best of three frames.

Matches start at 8pm, and are to be played in the Home players club.


1 Paul Naismith (Parkgate RBL) Vs Satpal Hans (C/Ford Central)
2 Nick Jennings (Churchills) Vs Terry Azor (C/Ford Central)
3 Stephen Hughes (C/Ford Central) Vs Paul Lawrence (Parkgate RBL)
4 Connor Benzey (C/Ford Central) Vs Ryan Longhurst (C/Ford Snkr Club)
5 Christian Chislet (Churchills) Vs Stewart Crosswell (Churchills)
6 Mike Finn (Churchills) Vs Jason Stedman (Shirley Cons)
7 Adam Nash (Churchills) Vs Dave Mumford (C/Ford Snkr Club)
8 Alex Dunkley (C/Ford Central) Vs Dan Gallant (C/Ford Snkr Club)